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Experimental: Persistent Term based Schema Backend

By default, Absinthe schemas are stored in a generated module. If your schema is called MyAppWeb.Schema, Absinthe creates a MyAppWeb.Schema.Compiled module containing the structs and other data that Absinthe needs at runtime to execute GraphQL operations against that schema.

OTP introduced the :persistent_term module to provide many of the same performance benefits of using compiled modules, without the downsides associated with manipulating complex structures at compile time.

This module is an experimental effort at using the :persistent_term module as an Absinthe schema backend. This module has been tested against against the entire Absinthe test suite and shown to perform perhaps even better than the compiled module.

To use:

In your schema module:

@schema_provider Absinthe.Schema.PersistentTerm

In your application's supervision tree, prior to anywhere where you'd use the schema:

{Absinthe.Schema, MyAppWeb.Schema}

where MyAppWeb.Schema is the name of your schema.

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Callback implementation for Absinthe.Schema.Provider.pipeline/1.