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We want this community to be friendly and respectful to each other. Please follow it in all your interactions with the project.


Development workflow

To get started with the project, run mix deps.get in the root directory to install the required dependencies:

$ mix deps.get


Commit message convention

We follow the conventional commits specification for our commit messages:

  • fix: bug fixes, e.g. fix crash due to deprecated method.
  • feat: new features, e.g. add new method to the module.
  • refactor: code refactor, e.g. migrate from class components to hooks.
  • docs: changes into documentation, e.g. add usage example for the module..
  • test: adding or updating tests, eg add integration tests using detox.
  • chore: tooling changes, e.g. change CI config.


Sending a pull request

Working on your first pull request? You can learn how from this free series: How to Contribute to an Open Source Project on GitHub.

When you're sending a pull request:

  • Prefer small pull requests focused on one change.
  • Verify that formatter and tests are passing.
  • Review the documentation to make sure it looks good.
  • Follow the pull request template when opening a pull request.
  • For pull requests that change the API or implementation, discuss with maintainers first by opening an issue.


Code of Conduct

Please remember that all interactions in our official spaces follow our Code of Conduct.