Module achlys_cleaner

The garbage collection worker.

Behaviours: gen_server.

Authors: Igor Kopestenski ( [web site:].


The garbage collection worker. The general purpose of this worker is to perform explicit calls to the Erlang @link erlang:garbage_collect function. The GC procedure itself generates overhead if performed too often, but has shown improvements in stability on GRiSP boards when intervals around 30 to 60 seconds

were used. The interval can be configured using the following parameter in a sys.config file :

{achlys, {gc_interval, 30000} }

Where gc_interval is set to 30 seconds

Function Index

flush_table/1Delete all objects in a given ETS table.
start_link/0 Starts the server.

Function Details


flush_table(Table::atom()) -> ok

Delete all objects in a given ETS table.


handle_continue(Continue, State) -> any()


start_link() -> {ok, Pid::pid()} | ignore | {error, Reason::term()}

Starts the server

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