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Simple Elixir wrapper for the Erlang RabbitMQ client.

The API is based on Langohr, a Clojure client for RabbitMQ.


Add AMQP as a dependency in your mix.exs file.

def deps do
  [{:amqp, "0.1.0"}]

You should also update your application list to include :amqp:

def application do
  [applications: [:amqp]]

After you are done, run mix deps.get in your shell to fetch and compile AMQP. Start an interactive Elixir shell with iex -S mix.

iex> {:ok, conn} =
{:ok, %AMQP.Connection{pid: #PID<0.165.0>}}
iex> {:ok, chan} =
{:ok, %AMQP.Channel{conn: %AMQP.Connection{pid: #PID<0.165.0>}, pid: #PID<0.177.0>}
iex> AMQP.Queue.declare chan, "test_queue"
{:ok, %{consumer_count: 0, message_count: 0, queue: "test_queue"}}
iex> AMQP.Exchange.declare chan, "test_exchange"
iex> AMQP.Queue.bind chan, "test_queue", "test_exchange"
iex> AMQP.Basic.publish chan, "test_exchange", "", "Hello, World!"
iex> {:ok, payload, meta} = AMQP.Basic.get chan, "test_queue"
iex> payload
"Hello, World!"
iex> AMQP.Queue.subscribe chan, "test_queue", fn(payload, _meta) -> IO.puts("Received: #{payload}") end
{:ok, "amq.ctag-5L8U-n0HU5doEsNTQpaXWg"}
iex> AMQP.Basic.publish chan, "test_exchange", "", "Hello, World!"
Hello, World!

Setup a consumer GenServer

defmodule Consumer do
  use GenServer
  use AMQP

  def start_link do
    GenServer.start_link(__MODULE__, [], [])

  @exchange    "gen_server_test_exchange"
  @queue       "gen_server_test_queue"
  @queue_error "#{@queue}_error"

  def init(_opts) do
    {:ok, conn} ="amqp://guest:guest@localhost")
    {:ok, chan} =
    # Limit unacknowledged messages to 10
    Basic.qos(chan, prefetch_count: 10)
    Queue.declare(chan, @queue_error, durable: true)
    # Messages that cannot be delivered to any consumer in the main queue will be routed to the error queue
    Queue.declare(chan, @queue, durable: true,
                                arguments: [{"x-dead-letter-exchange", :longstr, ""},
                                            {"x-dead-letter-routing-key", :longstr, @queue_error}])
    Exchange.fanout(chan, @exchange, durable: true)
    Queue.bind(chan, @queue, @exchange)
    # Register the GenServer process as a consumer
    {:ok, _consumer_tag} = Basic.consume(chan, @queue)
    {:ok, chan}

  # Confirmation sent by the broker after registering this process as a consumer
  def handle_info({:basic_consume_ok, %{consumer_tag: consumer_tag}}, chan) do
    {:noreply, chan}

  # Sent by the broker when the consumer is unexpectedly cancelled (such as after a queue deletion)
  def handle_info({:basic_cancel, %{consumer_tag: consumer_tag}}, chan) do
    {:stop, :normal, chan}

  # Confirmation sent by the broker to the consumer process after a Basic.cancel
  def handle_info({:basic_cancel_ok, %{consumer_tag: consumer_tag}}, chan) do
    {:noreply, chan}

  def handle_info({:basic_deliver, payload, %{delivery_tag: tag, redelivered: redelivered}}, chan) do
    spawn fn -> consume(chan, tag, redelivered, payload) end
    {:noreply, chan}

  defp consume(channel, tag, redelivered, payload) do
    try do
      number = String.to_integer(payload)
      if number <= 10 do
        Basic.ack channel, tag
        IO.puts "Consumed a #{number}."
        Basic.reject channel, tag, requeue: false
        IO.puts "#{number} is too big and was rejected."
      exception ->
        # Requeue unless it's a redelivered message.
        # This means we will retry consuming a message once in case of exception
        # before we give up and have it moved to the error queue
        Basic.reject channel, tag, requeue: not redelivered
        IO.puts "Error converting #{payload} to integer"
iex> Consumer.start_link
{:ok, #PID<0.261.0>}
iex> {:ok, conn} =
{:ok, %AMQP.Connection{pid: #PID<0.165.0>}}
iex> {:ok, chan} =
{:ok, %AMQP.Channel{conn: %AMQP.Connection{pid: #PID<0.165.0>}, pid: #PID<0.177.0>}
iex> AMQP.Basic.publish chan, "gen_server_test_exchange", "", "5"
Consumed a 5.
iex> AMQP.Basic.publish chan, "gen_server_test_exchange", "", "42"
42 is too big and was rejected.
iex> AMQP.Basic.publish chan, "gen_server_test_exchange", "", "Hello, World!"
Error converting Hello, World! to integer
Error converting Hello, World! to integer

Upgrading from 0.0.6 to 0.1.0

Version 0.1.0 includes the following breaking changes: