View Source ArangoXEcto.Migration.Index (ArangoX Ecto v1.3.1)

Represents a collection index in ArangoDB

The attributes in this struct are directly passed to the ArangoDB API for creation. No validation is done on the attributes and is left to the database to manage.

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Creates a new Index struct

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@type index_option() ::
  {:type, atom()}
  | {:unique, boolean()}
  | {:sparse, boolean()}
  | {:deduplication, boolean()}
  | {:minLength, integer()}
  | {:geoJson, boolean()}
  | {:expireAfter, integer()}
  | {:name, atom()}
@type t() :: %ArangoXEcto.Migration.Index{
  collection_name: term(),
  deduplication: term(),
  expireAfter: term(),
  fields: term(),
  geoJson: term(),
  minLength: term(),
  name: term(),
  sparse: term(),
  type: term(),
  unique: term()

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new(name, fields, opts \\ [])

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@spec new(String.t(), [atom() | String.t()], [index_option()]) :: t()

Creates a new Index struct