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The behaviour for a calculation module

Use select/2 to apply a select statement when the calculation is loaded. This does not apply in the case that you are loading on existing resources using MyApi.load. It also doesn't apply when the calculation is used in a filter or sort, because it is not necessary to select fields to power filters done in the data layer.



@type context() :: %{
  :actor => term() | nil,
  :tenant => term(),
  :authorize? => boolean() | nil,
  :tracer => module() | nil,
  optional(atom()) => any()
@type opts() :: Keyword.t()


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calculate(records, opts, context)

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@callback calculate(
  records :: [Ash.Resource.record()],
  opts :: opts(),
  context :: context()
) ::
  {:ok, [term()]} | [term()] | {:error, term()} | :unknown
@callback describe(opts :: opts()) :: String.t()
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expression(otps, context)

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@callback expression(otps :: opts(), context :: context()) :: any()
@callback has_expression?() :: boolean()
@callback init(opts :: opts()) :: {:ok, opts()} | {:error, term()}
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load(query, opts, context)

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@callback load(query :: Ash.Query.t(), opts :: opts(), context :: context()) ::
  atom() | [atom()] | Keyword.t()
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select(query, opts, context)

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@callback select(query :: Ash.Query.t(), opts :: opts(), context :: context()) :: [atom()]