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A module for configuring how a library is rendered in ash_hq.

There is a small template syntax available in any documentation. The template syntax will link to the user's currently selected version for the relevant library.

All templates should be wrapped in double curly braces, e.g {{}}.


The only item_type currently supported is guide, so the name would be category/name

For example:

{{link:ash:guide:Attributes}} -> <a href="/docs/guides/ash/topics/">Attributes</a>


Mix dependencies


For example:

{{mix_dep:ash}} -> {:ash, "~> 1.5"}

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@type extension() :: %{
  optional(:module) => module(),
  optional(:target) => String.t(),
  optional(:default_for_target?) => boolean(),
  name: String.t(),
  type: String.t()
@type guide() :: %{
  name: String.t(),
  text: String.t(),
  category: String.t() | nil,
  route: String.t() | nil

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@callback code_modules() :: [{String.t(), [module()]}]
@callback default_guide() :: String.t()
@callback extensions() :: [extension()]
@callback for_library() :: String.t()
@callback guides() :: [guide()]

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