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Declares a DSL section.

A dsl section allows you to organize related configurations. All extensions configure sections, they cannot add DSL builders to the top level. This keeps things organized, and concerns separated.

A section may have nested sections, which will be configured the same as other sections. Getting the options/entities of a section is done by providing a path, so you would use the nested path to retrieve that configuration. See Ash.Dsl.Extension.get_entities/2 and Ash.Dsl.Extension.get_opt/4.

A section may have entities, which are constructors that produce instances of structs. For more on entities, see Ash.Dsl.Entity.

A section may also have a schema, which is a NimbleOptions schema. Ash will produce builders for those options, so that they may be configured. They are retrived with Ash.Dsl.Extension.get_opt/4.

For a full example, see Ash.Dsl.Extension.

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t() :: %Ash.Dsl.Section{
  describe: String.t(),
  entities: [Ash.Dsl.Entity.t()],
  examples: [String.t()],
  imports: term(),
  modules: term(),
  name: atom(),
  schema: Ash.OptionsHelpers.schema(),
  sections: [
      describe: term(),
      entities: term(),
      examples: term(),
      imports: term(),
      modules: term(),
      name: term(),
      schema: term(),
      sections: term()