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eval(dsl, bindings, block)

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Add a quoted expression to be evaluated in the DSL module's context.

Use this extremely sparingly. It should almost never be necessary, unless building certain extensions that require the module in question to define a given function.

What you likely want is either one of the DSL introspection functions, like Ash.Dsl.Extension.get_entities/2 or Ash.Dsl.Extension.get_opt/5). If you simply want to store a custom value that can be retrieved easily, or cache some precomputed information onto the resource, use persist/3.

Provide the dsl state, bindings that should be unquote-able, and the quoted block to evaluate in the module. For example, if we wanted to support a resource.primary_key() function that would return the primary key (this is unnecessary, just an example), we might do this:

fields = the_primary_key_fields

dsl_state =
    [fields: fields],
    quote do
      def primary_key() do