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build(resource, api \\ nil, keyword)

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build(Ash.Resource.t(), Ash.Api.t() | nil, Keyword.t()) :: t()

Builds a query from a keyword list.

This is used by certain query constructs like aggregates. It can also be used to manipulate a data structure before passing it to an ash query. It allows for building an entire query struct using only a keyword list.

For example:, filter: [name: "fred"], sort: [name: :asc], load: [:foo, :bar], offset: 10)

If you want to use the expression style filters, you can use expr/1. Be sure to require Ash.Query first, or import it. Consider importing only the expr/1 macro if you do that

For example:

import Ash.Query, only: [expr: 1], filter: expr(name == "marge"))

Supported keys:

  • filter - filter keyword/expr or %Ash.Filter{}
  • sort - sort keyword
  • limit - integer limit
  • offset - integer offset
  • load - keyword/list of atoms to load
  • aggregate - {name, type, relationship}
  • aggregate - {name, type, relationship, query_in_build_format}
  • calculate - {name, module_and_opts}
  • calculate - {name, module_and_opts, context}
  • distinct - list of atoms
  • context: %{key: value}