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parse_input(resource, sort)

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  | [atom() | String.t() | {atom(), sort_order()} | [String.t()]]
  | nil
) :: {:ok, t()} | {:error, term()}

A utility for parsing sorts provided from external input. Only allows sorting on public attributes and aggregates.

The supported formats are:

Sort Strings

A comma separated list of fields to sort on, each with an optional prefix.

The prefixes are:

  • "+" - Same as no prefix. Sorts :asc.
  • "++" - Sorts :asc_nils_first
  • "-" - Sorts :desc
  • "--" - Sorts :desc_nils_last

For example


A list of sort strings

Same prefix rules as above, but provided as a list.

For example:

["foo", "-bar", "++baz", "--buz"]

A standard Ash sort