View Source AshCubDB.DataLayer (ash_cubdb v0.4.1)

A CubDB data layer for Ash.

DSL Documentation


  • cubdb



CubDB data layer configuration.


cubdb do
  directory "/opt/storage/my_awesome_resource"
  auto_compact? true
  auto_file_sync? true
  name :my_awesome_resource

  • :directory - The directory within which to store the CubDB data.
    If none is supplied, then one will be automatically generated in the priv directory of the parent OTP application.

  • :otp_app (atom/0) - The OTP application in whose priv directory data should be stored.
    Only used if directory is not supplied. When not provided Application.get_application/1 will be called for the resource.

  • :auto_compact? (boolean/0) - Whether or not to automatically compact the CubDB database.
    See the CubDB documentation for more information. The default value is true.

  • :auto_file_sync? (boolean/0) - Whether or not to automatically flush the buffer to disk on write.
    See the CubDB documentation The default value is true.

  • :name (atom/0) - The name of the CubDB database.
    By default this is the name of the resource module, however in some (rare) circumstances you may wish to specifically name the database.