View Source DSL: AshGraphql.Api

The entrypoint for adding graphql behavior to an Ash API


Global configuration for graphql


graphql do
  authorize? false # To skip authorization for this API


authorize?booleantrueWhether or not to perform authorization for this API
traceratomA tracer to use to trace execution in the graphql. Will use config :ash, :tracer if it is set.
root_level_errors?booleanfalseBy default, mutation errors are shown in their result object's errors key, but this setting places those errors in the top level errors list
error_handlermfa{AshGraphql.DefaultErrorHandler, :handle_error, []}Set an MFA to intercept/handle any errors that are generated.
show_raised_errors?booleanfalseFor security purposes, if an error is raised then Ash simply shows a generic error. If you want to show those errors, set this to true.
debug?booleanfalseWhether or not to log (extremely verbose) debug information