View Source Assent.Strategy.Slack (Assent v0.2.2)

Slack OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect strategy.

The Slack user endpoint does not provide data on email verification, email is considered unverified.



  • :team_id - The team id to restrict authorization for, optional, defaults to nil

See Assent.Strategy.OAuth2 for more.



config = [
  client_id: "REPLACE_WITH_CLIENT_ID",

By default, the user can decide what team should be used for authorization. If you want to limit to a specific team, please pass a team id to the configuration:

config = [
  client_id: "REPLACE_WITH_CLIENT_ID",
  client_secret: "REPLACE_WITH_CLIENT_SECRET",
  team_id: "XXXXXXX"

This value will be not be used if you set a authorization_params key. Instead you should set team: TEAM_ID in the authorization_params keyword list.