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collect(term()) :: {:ok, [String.t()]} | {:error, term()}

Collect non local type referenced types from erlavro structure.

Type definition aliases counted as type definitions too.

Every json-string type value considered to be a reference if it's not one of the reserved by Avro Specification types, such as:

  • int - null - enum
  • long - boolean - array
  • float - string - map
  • double - record - union
  • bytes - fixed


iex> json_schema = File.read!("test/fixtures/schemas/io/confluent/Account.avsc")
iex> erlavro = :avro_json_decoder.decode_schema(json_schema, allow_bad_references: true)
iex> Avrora.Schema.ReferenceCollector.collect(erlavro)
{:ok, ["io.confluent.Email", "io.confluent.Messenger", "io.confluent.PaymentHistory"]}