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register_schema(schema, opts \\ [])

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register_schema(Avrora.Schema.t(), as: String.t(), force: boolean()) ::
  {:ok, Avrora.Schema.t()} | {:error, term()}

Register schema in the Schema Registry.

This function relies on a Memory store before taking action. The most complete schema name will be looked at the store, i.e if the schema contains version then full_name + version will be used in prior just a full_name.


  • :as - the name which will be used to register schema (i.e subject).
  • :force - the flag enforcing registration when schema was found in the Memory store (false by default).


...> {:ok, schema} = Avrora.Resolver.resolve("io.confluent.Payment")
...> {:ok, schema} = Avrora.Utils.Registrar.register_schema(schema, as: "NewName", force: true)
...> schema.full_name