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The protocol which enables Babel.apply/2.

Passed to Babel.Applicable.apply/2 wrapping the given data.

Represents a failed Babel.Applicable evaluation. Contains the reason of the returned {:error, <reason>} tuple and a Babel.Trace.

The protocol which enables Babel.fetch/1 and Babel.get/2.

The protocol which enables Babel.into/1 by recursively evaluating all contained values.

Represents a sequence of Babel.Steps (or nested Babel.Pipelines) that get evaluated sequentially, when a step fails the pipeline stops and - if set - invokes the on_error handler in an attempt to recover from the error.

This module is meant to be used to create your own Babel custom steps, and is used internally to create all of Babel's built-in steps.

You can use this module to test your custom Babel.Steps.

Represents the evaluation of a Babel.Applicable. Contains the evaluated applicable, the input data, the output result, and any traces of nested Babel.Applicables.