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Bushbaby Automated Bamboo Yields

Reference bushbaby protocol node



spool_dir: The path to the Baobab bamboo store spool clumps: List of per-clump keyword configurations

- `id`: a binary `clump_id`
- `controlling_identity`: a `Baobab.Identity` by which this peer will be known
- `port`: an integer port to which to bind
- `cryouts`: list of keyword configurations for periodic peer replication
    - `host`: peer host address
    - `port`: peer port
    - `period`: `{integer quantity, atom unit}` ({17, :minute})

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Connect to a remote hort and port

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connect(host, port, id_options \\ [])

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Connect to a remote hort and port

Keyword id_options relative to the configured Baobab store

  • clump_id
  • identity