Bug fixes:

  • Fix an archive creation error that would result in an archive that would fail to unpack.
  • Fix a segfault when passing an internal command line parameter to the archive


This release doesn't change much externally. Internally, we've started cleaning up the code and adding tests to make Bakeware easier for us to maintain. If you have existing Bakeware projects, you may also be interested in our example updates to turn off Erlang distribution and remove the verbose mix release instructions.

Bug fixes:

  • Running the same Bakeware archive at or near the same time now works. Previously, it was possible for multiple instances to collide when extracting.


Bug fixes:

  • Fix hex package to include zstd source.


Bug fixes:

  • Fix script startup crash when testing locally (#66)


Initial release to hex.

This release is ok for experimentation, but it not intended for production use. It has known issues with script and extraction cache handling.