Bamboo SendinBlue Adapter v0.4.0 Bamboo.SendinBlueAdapterV3 View Source

Sends email using SendinBlue's JSON API v3.0.

This module requires a v3 API key to work.

Based on (the SendinBlue V2 API adapter)

Reply-To field

To set the reply-to field, use put_header(email, "reply-to-email", "") and optionally put_header(email, "reply-to-name", "The Name")

Example config

# In config/config.exs, or, etc.
config :my_app, MyApp.Mailer,
  adapter: Bamboo.SendinBlueAdapterV3,
  api_key: "my_api_key"

# Define a Mailer. Maybe in lib/my_app/mailer.ex
defmodule MyApp.Mailer do
  use Bamboo.Mailer, otp_app: :my_app

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Callback implementation for Bamboo.Adapter.deliver/2.

Callback implementation for Bamboo.Adapter.handle_config/1.