Benchee v1.0.1 API Reference


Top level module providing convenience access to needed functions as well as the very high level API

Functions related to building and running benchmarking scenarios. Exposes benchmark/4 and collect/3 functions

The unified data structure for a given collection of data

Functions to handle the configuration of Benchee, exposes init/1 function

Integration of the conversion of multiple units with benchee

Unit scaling for counts, such that 1000000 can be converted to 1 Million

Helps with formattiong for the standard deviation ratio converting it into the more common percent form

Unit scaling for duration converting from microseconds to minutes and others

Functions for formatting values and their unit labels. Different domains handle this task differently, for example durations and counts

Unit scaling for memory converting from bytes to kilobytes and others

Functions for scaling values to other units. Different domains handle this task differently, for example durations and counts

A representation of the different units used in Benchee.Conversion.Format and Benchee.Conversion.Scale as well as the modules implementing these behaviours

Defines a behaviour for formatters in benchee, and functions to work with these

Formatter to print out the results of benchmarking suite to the console

Store the whole suite in the Erlang ExternalTermFormat while tagging the scenarios of the current run with a specified tag - can be used for storing and later loading the results of previous runs with Benchee.ScenarioLoader

Statistics that are relative from one scenario to another

Core data structure representing one particular case (combination of function and input)

Load scenarios that were saved using the saved option to be included

Statistics related functionality that is meant to take the raw benchmark data and then compute statistics like the average and the standard deviation etc

Main benchee data structure that aggregates the results from every step

Provides information about the system the benchmarks are run on

Methods to easily handle file creation used in plugins

High-Level interface for more convenient usage from Erlang. Same as Benchee