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put_new_key(bimap, key, value)

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put_new_key(t(), k(), v()) :: t()

Inserts {key, value} pair into bimap if key is not already in bimap.

If key already exists in bimap, bimap is returned unchanged.

If key does not exist and value is already in bimap, any overlapping bindings are deleted.


iex> bimap =
iex> bimap = BiMap.put_new_key(bimap, :a, 0)
#BiMap<[a: 0]>
iex> bimap = BiMap.put_new_key(bimap, :a, 1)
#BiMap<[a: 0]>
iex> BiMap.put_new_key(bimap, :b, 1)
#BiMap<[a: 0, b: 1]>
iex> BiMap.put_new_key(bimap, :c, 1)
#BiMap<[a: 0, c: 1]>