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get_klines(symbol, interval, limit \\ 500)

Retrieves klines for a symbol, provided a given interval, e.g. "1h".

Function can also take in a 'limit' argument to reduce the number of intervals.

Returns {:ok, [%Binance.Kline{}] or {:error, reason}


   close: "0.16527000",
   close_time: 1617861599999,
   high: "0.17100000",
   ignore: "0",
   low: "0.16352000",
   number_of_trades: 16167,
   open: "0.17088000",
   open_time: 1617858000000,
   quote_asset_volume: "7713624.32966000",
   taker_buy_base_asset_volume: "22020677.70000000",
   taker_buy_quote_asset_volume: "3668705.43042700",
   volume: "46282422.20000000"