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Retrieves the current ticker information for the given trade pair.

Symbol can be a binance symbol in the form of "ETHBTC" or %Binance.TradePair{}.

Returns {:ok, %Binance.Ticker{}} or {:error, reason}


  %Binance.Ticker{ask_price: "0.07548800", bid_price: "0.07542100",
    close_time: 1515391124878, count: 661676, first_id: 16797673,
    high_price: "0.07948000", last_id: 17459348, last_price: "0.07542000",
    low_price: "0.06330000", open_price: "0.06593800", open_time: 1515304724878,
    prev_close_price: "0.06593800", price_change: "0.00948200",
    price_change_percent: "14.380", volume: "507770.18500000",
    weighted_avg_price: "0.06946930"}}