Binance.Ticker (binance v0.8.0)

Struct for representing a result row as returned by /api/v1/ticker/24hr

defstruct [

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new(map_or_kwlist, opts \\ [])


new(ExConstructor.map_or_kwlist(), Keyword.t()) :: %Binance.Ticker{
  ask_price: term(),
  bid_price: term(),
  close_time: term(),
  count: term(),
  first_id: term(),
  high_price: term(),
  last_id: term(),
  last_price: term(),
  low_price: term(),
  open_price: term(),
  open_time: term(),
  prev_close_price: term(),
  price_change: term(),
  price_change_percent: term(),
  volume: term(),
  weighted_avg_price: term()