BlueHeron.HCI.Command.ControllerAndBaseband.WriteExtendedInquiryResponse (blue_heron v0.2.1) View Source

The HCI_Write_Extended_Inquiry_Response command writes the extended inquiry response to be sent during the extended inquiry response procedure.

  • OGF: 0x3
  • OCF: 0x52
  • Opcode: "R\f"

Bluetooth Spec v5.2, Vol 4, Part E, section 7.3.56

The FEC_Required command parameter states if FEC encoding is required. The extended inquiry response data is not preserved over a reset. The initial value of the inquiry response data is all zero octets. The Controller shall not interpret the extended inquiry response data.

Command Parameters

  • fec_required - boolean to set if FEC required. Default false
  • extended_inquiry_response - up to 240 bytes

Return Parameters

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