BlueHeron.HCI.Command.ControllerAndBaseband.WriteLEHostSupport (blue_heron v0.2.1) View Source

The HCI_Write_LE_Host_Support command is used to set the LE Supported (Host) and Simultaneous LE and BR/EDR to Same Device Capable (Host) Link Manager Protocol feature bits.

  • OGF: 0x3
  • OCF: 0x6D
  • Opcode: "m\f"

Bluetooth Spec v5.2, Vol 4, Part E, section 7.3.79

Command Parameters

  • le_supported_host_enabled - boolean (default: false)

Note that this command also carries the Simultaneous_LE_Host parameter. However, this parameter is not exposed in this API because it is always false.

Return Parameters

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