BlueHeron.HCI.Command.ControllerAndBaseband.WriteSecureConnectionsHostSupport (blue_heron v0.2.1) View Source

This command writes the Secure_Connections_Host_Support parameter in the BR/EDR Controller.

  • OGF: 0x3
  • OCF: 0x7A
  • Opcode: "z\f"

Bluetooth Spec v5.2, Vol 4, Part E, section 7.3.92

When Secure Connections Host Support is set to 'enabled' the Controller shall use the enhanced reporting mechanisms for the Encryption_Enabled parameter in the HCI_Encryption_Change event (see Section 7.7.8) and the Key_Type parameter in the HCI_Link_Key_Notification event (see Section 7.7.24). If the Host issues this command while the Controller is paging, has page scanning enabled, or has an ACL connection, the Controller shall return the error code Command Disallowed (0x0C).

The Link Manager Secure Connections (Host Support) feature bit shall be set to the Secure_Connections_Host_Support parameter. The default value for Secure_Connections_Host_Support shall be 'disabled.' When Secure_Connections_Host_Support is set to 'enabled,' the bit in the LMP features mask indicating support for Secure Connections (Host Support) shall be set to enabled in subsequent responses to an LMP_FEATURES_REQ from a remote device.

Command Parameters

  • enabled - boolean

Return Parameters

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