BlueHeron.HCI.Event.CommandStatus (blue_heron v0.2.1) View Source

The HCI_Command_Status event is used to indicate that the command described by the Command_Opcode parameter has been received, and that the Controller is currently performing the task for this command.

This event is needed to provide mechanisms for asynchronous operation, which makes it possible to prevent the Host from waiting for a command to finish. If the command cannot begin to execute (a parameter error may have occurred, or the command may currently not be allowed), the Status event parameter will contain the corresponding error code, and no complete event will follow since the command was not started. The Num_HCI_Command_Packets event parameter allows the Controller to indicate the number of HCI command packets the Host can send to the Controller. If the Controller requires the Host to stop sending commands, the Num_HCI_Command_Packets event parameter will be set to zero. To indicate to the Host that the Controller is ready to receive HCI command packets, the Controller generates an HCI_Command_Status event with Status 0x00 and Command_Opcode 0x0000 and the Num_HCI_Command_Packets event parameter set to 1 or more. Command_Opcode 0x0000 is a special value indicating that this event is not associated with a command sent by the Host. The Controller can send an HCI_Command_Status event with Command Opcode 0x0000 at any time to change the number of outstanding HCI command packets that the Host can send before waiting.

Reference: Version 5.2, Vol 4, Part E, 7.7.15