• Enhancements
    • Added HCI commands for GATT (Thanks @trarbr ❤️)


  • Potential breaking changes There was quite a bit of internal adjustments and refactoring to cleanup implementation, although no core functions were changed. You should see no difference when updating but it was worth watching your implementation after updating in case something was missed in the cleanup

  • Enhancements

    • Add new Address module to simplify the different address interpretations
    • Allow disabling logging to /tmp/hcidump.pklg file (Thanks @axelson!)
    • Lots of HCI Commands added to better support default behavior (Thanks @trarbr!)
  • Fixes

    • fix/workaround for the rpi3 (Thanks @axelson!)
    • Fixed dmesg output display in govee example readme (Thanks @kevinansfield!)


  • Bugfixes
    • Disconnecting from an ATT client works now
    • Reconnect now works
    • Sending a connection_create cmd when a device is unavailable retries now
    • connection_complete event now uses the correct address
    • Multiple ATT clients can now be started simultaneously
    • HCI and ACL calls will now timeout rather than hang forever endianness
    • Transport now supports having multiple commands in flight
  • Enhancements
    • Added btsnoop parser


Initial release