• New features
    • Add BMP180 support


  • Improvements

    • Mention BMP3XX in readme
    • Log helpful message on init
    • Add credo as a code quality tool
    • Refactor comm modules in a way they can focus on communicating with the device
  • Fixes

    • Fix typespec links in the hexdoc


  • Improvements

    • Update Circle config for OTP 24
    • Remove the "Support for other Bosch barometric sensors" section from README
  • Fixes

    • Halt the sensor initialization when device is not found


  • Improvements

    • Make the main doc page
    • Add "Nerves Livebook Firmware" section to
  • Fixes

    • Fix broken CI link


  • New features

    • Stable basic gas support
  • API changes

    • none
  • Improvements

    • Restructure internal code organization.
    • Change ambient temperature estimate from 30 C to 25 C for setting up gas measurements
  • Fixes

    • Sleep 10 ms after soft reset so that the sensor data can be read properly.
    • Correct the parser for gas-related calibration data. Previously, some data types were wrong.
    • Fix a broken link to BMP280 sensor in README.


This release adds support for reading the BME680's gas resistance sensor. In the future, this will be converted to an indoor air quality measurement.

  • API changes

    • Sensor measurements are now obtained by calling BMP280.measure/1 for consistency with other Elixir sensor libraries. is deprecated.
  • Improvements

    • The library now polls the sensor once a second. Calls to BMP280.measure/1 return the latest reading rather than making an I2C transaction.
    • Measurements now include a timestamp (System.monotonic_time(:millisecond))
    • Various internal code improvements to make it easier to support many Bosch sensors


  • New features
    • Support temperature, humidity and pressure measurements on the BME680. VOC measurements are not supported yet.


Note: This release removes the non-SI conversion helper functions. They were inconsistently defined, and it seems better for some other library to care more about conversions.

  • New features
    • Add dew point approximation



  • New features
    • Add support for the BME280 and for reading relative humidity measurements from it


  • Fixes
    • Fixed :bus_address parameter. It was incorrectly referred to as :address when used.


Initial release