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Graphql client for BridgeEx.



Calls a GraphQL endpoint


@type bridge_response() ::
  {:ok, term()}
  | {:error, {:bad_response, integer()}}
  | {:error, {:http_error, String.t()}}
  | {:error, list()}


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call(url, query, variables, opts)

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@spec call(
  url :: String.t(),
  query :: String.t(),
  variables :: map(),
  opts :: Keyword.t()
) :: bridge_response()

Calls a GraphQL endpoint


  • url: URL of the endpoint.
  • query: Graphql query or mutation.
  • variables: variables for Graphql query or mutation.
  • opts: various options.


  • options: extra HTTP options to be passed to Telepoison.
  • headers: extra HTTP headers.
  • encode_variables: whether to JSON encode variables or not.
  • decode_keys: how JSON keys in GraphQL responses are decoded. Can be set to :strings (recommended), :atoms (discouraged due to security concerns - currently the default, but will be changed to :strings in a future version) or :existing_atoms (safer, but may crash the application if an unexpected key is received)
  • retry_options: configures retry attempts. Takes the form of [max_retries: 1, timing: :exponential]
  • log_options: configures logging on errors. Takes the form of [log_query_on_error: false, log_response_on_error: false].