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Misc utils for handling Graphql requests/responses.

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@type client_response() :: {:ok, any()} | {:error, any()}
@type graphql_response() ::
  {:error, String.t()}
  | {:ok, %{data: term()}}
  | {:ok,
       error: [
           message: String.t(),
           locations: [%{line: integer(), column: integer()}]
       data: term()

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decode_http_response(arg, query, decode_keys, log_options)

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@spec decode_http_response(
  {:ok, HTTPoison.Response.t() | HTTPoison.AsyncResponse.t()}
  | {:error, HTTPoison.Error.t()},
  :strings | :atoms | :existing_atoms,
) :: client_response()
@spec parse_response(graphql_response()) :: client_response()