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prepare_for_start(module, options)

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prepare_for_start(module :: atom(), options :: keyword()) ::
  {[child_spec], updated_options :: keyword()}
when child_spec: :supervisor.child_spec() | {module(), any()} | module()

Invoked once by Broadway during Broadway.start_link/2.

The goal of this callback is to manipulate the general topology options, if necessary at all, and introduce any new child specs that will be started before the producers supervisor in Broadwday's supervision tree. Broadway's supervision tree is a rest_for_one supervisor (see the documentation for Supervisor), which means that if the children returned from this callback crash they will bring down the rest of the pipeline before being restarted.

This callback is guaranteed to be invoked inside the Broadway main process.

module is the Broadway module passed as the first argument to Broadway.start_link/2. options is all of Broadway topology options passed as the second argument to Broadway.start_link/2.

The return value of this callback is a tuple {child_specs, options}. child_specs is the list of child specs to be started under Broadway's supervision tree. updated_options is a potentially-updated list of Broadway options that will be used instead of the ones passed to Broadway.start_link/2. This can be used to modify the characteristics of the Broadway topology to accommodated for the children started here.


defmodule MyProducer do
  @behaviour Broadway.Producer

  # other callbacks...

  @impl true
  def prepare_for_start(_module, broadway_options) do
     children = [
       {DynamicSupervisor, strategy: :one_for_one, name: MyApp.DynamicSupervisor}

     {children, broadway_options}