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A GenStage producer that continuously receives messages from a Redis list.

This implementation follows the Reliable Queue pattern outlined in the Redis documentation.


  • :redis_instance - Required. An atom representing the redis instance/connection.
  • :list_name - Required. The name of the redis list containing items you want to process.
  • :working_list_name - Required. The name of the redis 'working' or 'processing' list.
  • :max_number_of_items - Optional. The maximum number of items to be fetched per pipelined request. This value generally should be between 1 and 20. Default is 10.

Additional Options

  • :redis_client - Optional. A module that implements the BroadwayRedis.RedisClient behaviour. This module is responsible for fetching and acknowledging the messages. Pay attention that all options passed to the producer will be forwarded to the client. It's up to the client to normalize the options it needs. Default is RedixClient.
  • :receive_interval - Optional. The duration (in milliseconds) for which the producer waits before making a request for more items. Default is 5000.

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