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create_wallet(options \\ [])

Create and restore a wallet from a mnemonic sentence.


  • name - A human readable name for the wallet

  • mnemonic_sentence - A list of bip-0039 mnemonic words. 15-24 words.

  • passphrase - A master passphrase to lock and protect the wallet for sensitive operation (e.g. sending funds)

  • mnemonic_second_factor - An optional passphrase used to encrypt the mnemonic sentence. A list of bip-0039 mnemonic words. 9-12 words.

  • address_pool_gap - Number of consecutive unused addresses allowed. Default is 20.

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Using values other than 20 automatically makes your wallet invalid with regards to BIP-44 address discovery. It means that you will not be able to fully restore your wallet in a different software which is strictly following BIP-44. Beside, using large gaps is not recommended as it may induce important performance degradations. Use at your own risks.