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Response functions, generate the response inclusive body and headers. The body can be sourced from multiple sources. These sources include files, binary files and functions. The response body function handles range requests.

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Send responce.
Returns server header.

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-spec send_response(Context) -> Result
                     Context :: cowmachine_req:context(),
                     Result :: {ok, Req, Env} | {stop, Req},
                     Req :: cowboy_req:req(),
                     Env :: cowboy_middleware:env().
Send responce.
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send_stream_body(FunContext, Context)

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-spec send_stream_body(FunContext, Context) -> Result
                        FunContext :: {InitialData, InitialFun} | InitialFun,
                        InitialData ::
                            binary() |
                            {file, Filename} |
                            {file, Size, Filename} |
                            done | WriterFun,
                        Filename :: file:filename_all(),
                        WriterFun :: function(),
                        Size :: non_neg_integer(),
                        InitialFun :: function(),
                        Context :: cowmachine_req:context(),
                        Result :: cowmachine_req:context().
Send stream body.
-spec server_header() -> Result when Result :: binary().
Returns server header.