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An SDK builder for RESTful API of Aliyun OSS / Alibaba Cloud OSS.

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build!(config, api_spec_config, opts \\ [])

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Bulids a struct %CozyOSS.ApiRequest{}.

This function has built-in signing support, and it's controlled by option :sign_by:

  • sign_by: :header (default) - add signatures to request headers.
  • sign_by: :url - add signatures to URL.

When using sign_by: :url, an extra option :expiration_in_seconds is supported.

See!/3 for more information.

See CozyOSS.ApiClient.request/1.

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sign_post_object_policy(config, conditions, expiration_in_seconds)

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See CozyOSS.Object.sign_post_object_policy/3.

See CozyOSS.ApiRequest.to_url!/1.