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Data Storage, is a module responsible for storing crawled items. On the high level it's possible to represent the architecture of items storage this way:

              DataStorage    < From crawlers1,2 

┌───────────▼──────────┐ ┌───────────▼──────────┐ │ DataStorageWorker1 │ │ DataStorageWorker2 │ │ (Crawler1) │ │ (Crawler2) │ └──────────────────────┘ └──────────────────────┘

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Returns a specification to start this module under a supervisor.

See Supervisor.

Callback implementation for GenServer.init/1.


inspect(atom(), term()) :: {:error, :data_storage_worker_not_running} | term()
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start_worker(spider_name, crawl_id)

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store(atom(), map()) :: :ok