Credo.Check.Design.SkipTestWithoutComment (Credo v1.6.0) View Source

This check has a base priority of normal and works with any version of Elixir.


Skipped tests should have a comment documenting why the test is skipped.

Tests are often skipped using @tag :skip when some issue arises that renders the test temporarily broken or unable to run. This temporary skip often becomes a permanent one because the reason for the test being skipped is not documented.

A comment should exist on the line prior to the skip tag describing why the test is skipped.


# john: skipping this since our credentials expired, working on getting new ones
@tag :skip
test "vendor api returns data" do
  # ...

While the pure existence of a comment does not change anything per se, a thoughtful comment can improve the odds for future iteration on the issue.

Check-Specific Parameters

There are no specific parameters for this check.

General Parameters

Like with all checks, general params can be applied.

Parameters can be configured via the .credo.exs config file.