Credo.Check.Refactor.Apply (Credo v1.6.0) View Source

This check has a base priority of low and works with any version of Elixir.


Prefer calling functions directly if the number of arguments is known at compile time instead of using apply/2 and apply/3.


# preferred

fun.(arg_1, arg_2, ..., arg_n)

module.function(arg_1, arg_2, ..., arg_n)

# NOT preferred

apply(fun, [arg_1, arg_2, ..., arg_n])

apply(module, :function, [arg_1, arg_2, ..., arg_n])

Check-Specific Parameters

There are no specific parameters for this check.

General Parameters

Like with all checks, general params can be applied.

Parameters can be configured via the .credo.exs config file.