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  dependency_graph: term(),
  entry_points: term(),
  file_watch: term(),
  monitors: term(),
  no_start: term(),
  pretty_print: term(),
  reply_to: term(),
  reprocess: term(),
  watchers: term()
}) :: {:ok, pid()} | {:error, term()}

Start a watcher responsible for automatically processing cssex files into css files. Define in the application config something as:

config :yourapp_web, CSSEx,
  entry_points: [
    {"../../../../apps/yourapp_web/assets/cssex/app.cssex", "../../../../apps/yourapp_web/assets/css/app.css"}

With as many :entry_points as necessary specified as tuples of {"source", "dest"} Then,

Application.get_env(:yourapp_web, CSSEx)
|> CSSEx.make_config(Application.app_dir(:your_app_web))
|> CSSEx.start_link()

Or add it to a supervision tree. Refer to the README.md file.