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Static configuration for a module (e.g. parsed contents of dagger.json)

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@type t() :: %Dagger.ModuleConfig{client: term(), selection: term()}

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@spec dependencies(t()) :: {:ok, [Dagger.String.t()]} | {:error, term()}
@spec exclude(t()) :: {:ok, [Dagger.String.t()]} | {:error, term()}
@spec id(t()) :: {:ok, Dagger.ModuleConfigID.t()} | {:error, term()}

A unique identifier for this ModuleConfig.

@spec include(t()) :: {:ok, [Dagger.String.t()]} | {:error, term()}
@spec name(t()) :: {:ok, Dagger.String.t()} | {:error, term()}
@spec root(t()) :: {:ok, Dagger.String.t()} | {:error, term()}
@spec sdk(t()) :: {:ok, Dagger.String.t()} | {:error, term()}