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Renders hero icons Code extracted from Phoenix Core Components.



Renders a Hero Icon.

Hero icons come in three styles – outline, solid, and mini. By default, the outline style is used, but solid and mini may be applied by using the -solid and -mini suffix.

You can customize the size and colors of the icons by setting width, height, and background color classes.

Icons are extracted from your assets/vendor/heroicons directory and bundled within your compiled app.css by the plugin in your assets/tailwind.config.js.


<.icon name="hero-x-mark-solid" />
<.icon name="hero-arrow-path" class="ml-1 w-3 h-3 animate-spin" />


  • id (:any) - Defaults to nil.
  • name (:string) (required)
  • class (:string) - Defaults to nil.