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execute(conn, query, params, opts \\ [])

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execute(conn(), query(), params(), opts :: Keyword.t()) ::
  {:ok, query(), result()} | {:error, Exception.t()}

Execute a prepared query with a database connection and return {:ok, query, result} on success or {:error, exception} if there was an error.

If the query is not prepared on the connection an attempt may be made to prepare it and then execute again.


  • :queue - Whether to block waiting in an internal queue for the connection's state (boolean, default: true). See "Queue config" in start_link/2 docs
  • :timeout - The maximum time that the caller is allowed to perform this operation (default: 15_000)
  • :deadline - If set, overrides :timeout option and specifies absolute monotonic time in milliseconds by which caller must perform operation. See System module documentation for more information on monotonic time (default: nil)
  • :log - A function to log information about a call, either a 1-arity fun, {module, function, args} with DBConnection.LogEntry.t/0 prepended to args or nil. See DBConnection.LogEntry (default: nil)

The pool and connection module may support other options. All options are passed to handle_execute/4.

See prepare/3.