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status(conn, opts \\ [])

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status(conn(), opts :: Keyword.t()) :: status()

Return the transaction status of a connection.

The callback implementation should return the transaction status according to the database, and not make assumptions based on client-side state.

This function will raise a DBConnection.ConnectionError when called inside a deprecated transaction/3.


See module documentation. The pool and connection module may support other options. All options are passed to handle_status/2.


# outside of the transaction, the status is `:idle`
DBConnection.status(conn) #=> :idle

DBConnection.transaction(conn, fn conn ->
  DBConnection.status(conn) #=> :transaction

  # run a query that will cause the transaction to rollback, e.g.
  # uniqueness constraint violation
  DBConnection.execute(conn, bad_query, [])

  DBConnection.status(conn) #=> :error

DBConnection.status(conn) #=> :idle