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Env holds any needed :wx / Desktop application state. Currently it keeps track of

* The open Dekstop.Window(s),
* OS Application events (such as when a file is dragged on the application icon)
* The :wx environment
* The dbus connection (sni) on linux

Also it has a global connect() method to allow binding of :wx event callbacks using this long lived process as reference.

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Returns a specification to start this module under a supervisor.

See Supervisor.

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connect(object, command, callback, id \\ nil)

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get(key, default \\ nil)

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pop(key, default \\ nil)

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Wrapper around wx.subscribe()

Will send to the calling process events in the form:

  • {:print_file, [filename]}
  • {:open_file, [filename]}
  • {:open_url, [filename]}
  • {:new_file, []}