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show_notification(pid, text, opts \\ [])

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Show a desktop notification

  • pid - The pid or atom of the Window

  • text - The text content to show in the notification

  • opts - Additional notification options

    Valid keys are:

    • :id - An id for the notification, this is important if you want control, the visibility of the notification. The default value when none is provided is :default
    • :type - One of :info :error :warn these will change how the notification will be displayed. The default is :info
    • :title - An alternative title for the notificaion, when none is provided the current window title is used.
    • :timeout - A timeout hint specifying how long the notification should be displayed. Possible values are:
      • :auto - This is the default and let's the OS decide
      • :never - Indiciates that notification should not be hidden automatically
      • ms - A time value in milliseconds, how long the notification should be shown
    • :callback - A function to be executed when the user clicks on the notification.


iex> :wx.set_env(Desktop.Env.wx_env())
iex> :wxWebView.isContextMenuEnabled(Desktop.Window.webview(pid))