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This module is responsible for building the struct used for navigating to the respective pages of a given query

The HTML and JSON view helper will call into this module calling the paginate/3 passing the Plug.Conn, along with a Hydrated version of this struct.

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t() :: %Dissolver.Paginator{
  lazy: boolean(),
  max_count: integer(),
  max_page: integer(),
  max_per_page: integer(),
  page: integer(),
  params: map(),
  per_page: integer(),
  theme: Dissolver.HTML.Theme.t(),
  total_count: integer(),
  total_pages: integer()

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build_options(keyword()) :: keyword()
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paginate(conn, paginator, opts \\ [])

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paginate(Plug.Conn.t(), t(), nil | maybe_improper_list() | map()) :: list()