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Prepares a new project for use with releases. This simply creates a rel directory in the project root, and creates a basic initial configuration file in rel/config.exs. It will also creates a vm.args file in rel/vm.args to tweak the configuration of the BEAM.

After running this, you can build a release right away with mix release, but it is recommended you review the config file to understand its contents.


# Initialize releases, with a fully commented config file
mix release.init

# Initialize releases, but with no comments in the config file
mix release.init --no-doc

# For umbrella projects, generate a config where each app
# in the umbrella is its own release, rather than all
# apps under a single release
mix release.init --release-per-app

# Name the release, by default the current application name
# will be used, or in the case of umbrella projects, the name
# of the directory in which the umbrella project resides, with
# invalid characters replaced or stripped out.
mix release.init --name foobar

# Use a custom template for generating the release config.
mix release.init --template path/to/template

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A task needs to implement run which receives a list of command line args

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A task needs to implement run which receives a list of command line args.

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